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    The Church of God, Dallas-Fort Worth is an independent church with a very interactive congregation. We meet on the seventh day Sabbath and observe the Holy Days commanded by God in the Bible. We believe that each member is given Spiritual Gifts upon baptism and that these are given to benefit the church as a whole, see 1 Corinthians, chapter 12. Therefore, we encourage active participation in a variety of serving roles. This interaction and participation creates a very energetic and dynamic church. For further information see "Our Beliefs".

    As a result of our in-depth Biblical research, we believe that women have full and equal participation in the body of Christ, and in the Church of God, Dallas-Fort Worth. The teaching and preaching of God's word and participation in Sabbath services is dependent upon the ability and spiritual gifts given by God and is not limited because of sex, social status, or racial distinctions. Gal. 3:28, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

    Our men and women participate equally in giving Bible Studies and prayers after completing our "Basic Truths" class. Some who are very experienced, qualified members also occasionally participate by giving sermons. Since we are independent, we are free to follow God as the New Testament teaches, and do not have a hierarchy that "rules" over us.

    Our pastor, Dianne D. McDonnell, explains: "Ministry is about serving people, helping them, teaching them about Jesus Christ, comforting them in grief, encouraging those that God calls, working hard for is not about being in authority over them. It is a team effort, and we will all do our best to love and to serve the people that God sends us."

    Mrs. McDonnell is an ordained elder, has a degree in Education and over thirty years of experience within the Church of God. She previously served as assistant pastor. Mrs. McDonnell combines gentleness and loving concern for each person with a firm dedication to biblical truth.

    If you are in Arlington or the Dallas-Fort Worth area and would like to inquire about attending a bible study or worship service, email us or call our voice mail. We welcome visitors!

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