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    Stories for Children

    (Based on the Bible)

    By Kathleen Donavan

    Chapter One - Snow Day

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    Linda woke up and remembered that she didn't have to go to school because all schools and stores were closed. She heard her older brother, Tim, in the living room talking with Mom, and she smelled hot cocoa. Linda jumped out of bed and suddenly realized that she needed her robe, because there was no heat in her room. The whole town lost electrical power during the night because of the snow storm.

    She pulled her robe tightly around her and rushed to the fireplace where her Mom had built a fire. Mom and Tim were all snuggled up on the couch. She ran and squeezed her little body between them. Tim playfully pushed her back and they all laughed. Linda thought that today would be a lot of fun.

    After breakfast was finished, they started talking about many different things.

    Tim asked his Mom, "Just how did all the things we see get here in the first place?"

    She took a thick book from the book shelf and told them that they would all find out about that together. The book was The Holy Bible.

    Mom explained, "This book was written by many different authors throughout several thousand years. The very first book is about the beginning of creation. It is named Genesis, and the word genesis means beginning. Actually this was written about a new beginning and we find here that this orb was actually a very dark and a very dismal place with no life whatsoever. It was not suitable for human life and the things necessary to sustain our life forms."

    Continuing, she spoke thoughtfully, "Preparation of the earth for we human beings would take the very power of God Almighty." She turned further into the book to John 1:1 and read, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Work was with God, and the Word was God. (2) He was in the beginning with God. (3) All things were made by Him, and without Him, nothing was made that was made. (4) In Him was life..."

    Mom told them that the part of God that actually created life was the same part of the family of God that became a human by birth.

    The Lord God of the Old Testament is the same Jesus Christ of the New Testament. The other member of the family is the Father, God. God has many descriptive adjectives explaining the attributes of His character but no one actually knows the name.

    Linda and Tim tried to visualize what it would be like without a world, without light, or life, but trying very hard they could not imagine...nothing!

    Linda exclaimed, "I can't see a world without Jody, our puppy, in it! I'd be very sad if he wasn't here."

    "Be quiet for awhile Linda, and let's hear the story" Tim spoke up impatiently.

    Linda heard the logs pop and crackle as they burned in the fireplace. She brushed her cheek against her Mom's satin robe and settled in to listen with Tim. She heard her Mom read, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." As she listened, she learned that His spirit watched over the earth and He thought of making the earth better. Linda thought that God must have been concerned that people like us were not on the earth yet. She wondered if God sometimes get saddened like we do? She was amazed to learn that God was so creative that things came into being when He spoke. She thought about how she had to think about making something for awhile before she gathered up the things to make it. Sometimes she had to start over many times because the first thing she tried to make work, just didn't work like she thought it would. To Linda, speaking something into being was fascinating.

    After Mom read for awhile, Tim and Linda counted the things that God made.

    1. He made the sky around the earth, (Tim called it atmosphere). Linda added; "And God said, It is very good!"
    2. He made the land and sea; the oceans and continents. "And that was very good, too," Linda said, making sure that Tim acknowledged each thing created as being good.
    3. He made all kinds of plants, Tim wrote, "That's very good," on the list after number three.
    4. God made lights in the sky to separate the night from the day; the sun for day, and the moon and stars for night.
    5. Next, God spoke and filled the sea with fish and other sea creatures and he filled the sky with all kinds of birds.
    6. On the sixth day, God made the rest of the animals that breathed the air including man and woman. Each kind of living thing in His creation was able to reproduce itself.

    Mom told them of two things written in Genesis 1:26 and 27 that makes man and woman different from the rest of the created animals. First, we are created in the image of God and secondly, we are to rule the other creatures.

    "I rule Jody," Linda exclaimed.

    "And I rule Linda," Tim playfully declared, but thinking more seriously about the statement he made, he said, "That's not so, one person is not to rule another person because each of us has—Dad called it—a freedom of choice."

    Mom reminded them of last summer at Grandpa's ranch when they watched him train the quarter horse to "cut" or isolate just one calf at a time from a herd of cattle. The calf was allowed to go only where the trained horse allowed it to go.

    "That's how order is brought about. That's the meaning of having dominion over things," she said.

    Just then, the light came on, and the furnace kicked in.

    "Awesome," Tim said, "Dad will be here soon and we will make a snowman!"

    Tim became quieter and more thoughtful. "I really wish Dad could just stay home with us instead of going to work."

    "He's just doing what God said to do, taking care of other creatures," Linda said.

    "That's right, Linda," Mom replied, "many people have to go away from home in bad conditions at times to keep things going for everybody. Your Dad had to help get the electricity back on."

    "I'm proud of his work", Tim added, "I just miss him."

    "We have to stop reading now and prepare a warm meal for Dad, we will finish the creation story later."

    Tim looked at his list of created things, folded it, and put it inside the Bible where it could be finished soon. He thought that maybe his Dad would help them finish the list.

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