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    Stories for Children

    (Based on the Bible)

    By Kathleen Donavan

    Chapter Eight - A Mysterious Guest

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    Tim's Dad called the family together for a visit around the kitchen table as he sometimes did when he had something special to discuss. As they sat there, Tim and Linda noticed that both Mom and Dad seemed a bit anxious.

    Tim wondered if either of them were sick. Linda wondered if Dad's job had changed and they would be leaving their beautiful country home. She thought about the tragedy of having to leave the tree house or what if Tip, her English Shepherd puppy could not go with them?

    "This is news that will make a lot of changes in each of our lives but we can all adapt and adjust wherever we need to and do this successfully," Dad said.

    "Are you or Mom sick or something?" Tim asked , as he leaned on his elbows closer to the table with his hands turned up and stretched open.

    Mom smiled and said, "We are in excellent health, Tim, at least that's what Dr. Lazenby told me about myself when I was in his office today, and dad was fine when he had his recent check-up too."

    "We've gotta move…I knew it," Linda said.

    "Nope, that's not it either, at least not all of us will be changing where we sleep every night." Dad assured them, but we will be building an extension on the master bedroom with another bath and bedroom off the south wall."

    "We already have a guest bedroom, why do we need another one?" Linda mused to herself sort of under her breath.

    Dad heard Linda's comment, and continued trying to explain the need for the addition to the house. "We need more room because the guest bedroom is just not in the right place for the new "guest" that will be arriving. This is the kind of guest that will need a lot of attention from all of us, and hopefully the new person in the house will love us and decide to stay here for a long, long time."

    "What kind of guest comes and stays so long?" Tim asked, quizzingly.

    "What would you kids say if I told you it's a tiny little fellow who wears diapers and eats baby food," Dad stated rather dryly.

    "A baby boy!" Mom said.

    There was a short silence around the table but it ended very soon when Tim asked when it would be here and Linda asked why it had to be a boy instead of a sister for her.

    Mom explained that it takes about forty weeks for a baby to develop and they only had twenty five weeks to wait. She also told Linda that maybe in the future they might be blessed with a little girl too, but for now, one birth at a time would be enough for them. She explained that it takes a lot of time to take care of a baby and she would need a lot of help from the whole family.

    Dad explained that they needed to draw the plans for the addition and get started on it before cold weather. Twenty five weeks from now will be the second week in March. The due date is actually March seventh.

    "But Dad, "I thought we were enough children for you, why are you having more?"

    "To be perfectly honest with you, Linda, we didn't plan to have this new baby and we thought we had every provision in place to prevent a pregnancy. It just happened and we were disappointed at first because we had plans for your Mom to take some University courses this next spring, but it looks like the best plans won't work out every time."

    "The only thing is," Tim said hesitatingly, "is that nobody else's parents as old as you two, are having a baby. This is embarrassing to tell my friends. They are going to think you are weird or something."

    "Think of it this way for a moment, Tim, Your mother and I take very good care of this family, right?"

    "Yes, I guess so."

    Dad continued, "There are people all over the world having babies that find it very hard to provide for the basic needs, much less educate and help them obtain the enriched life from which each human could benefit. We are "old" as you say, in the eyes of high school kids, but we are able to properly care for another child, unlike so many other people,so why shouldn't a baby find our family a very good place to be born? Personally, I have come to realize the possibility of this child being of great value in our family, as well as contributing something very good to others. I look on this new person coming into our family as a way to strengthen our bond, broaden our perspective, and expand our opportunity to love.

    "I'm beginning to see what you mean, Dad."

    "Well, think about it more and we can talk about it all you like."

    "While we build the room," Linda said, "we have to make clothes and blankets, too. …..can we make a quilt just like the one Grandmother made for Tim, you know it had little drums and rocking horses on it, and it was red, white and blue. Where is that quilt, anyway?"

    "It's in the back of the linen closet with the quilt she made for you Linda," Tim said, "I saw it the day I went in there to get the things for our camping trip."

    Linda jumped up and opened the doors to the linen closed and began to drag out the two quilts, causing an avalanche of blankets to fall at her feet. She quickly piled them haphazardly back onto the shelf and shut the door as she brought the two sought for baby quilts to the table. Spreading them out for all to see, she studied them closely and said, "He could use both of these but he will still need his own quilt."

    "I agree with you," Linda, "but don't you think we should allow your grandmother to choose the colors and pattern for this quilt just like she did for your and Tim's quilts?" Mom asked as continued to examine the quilts.

    Mom smiled as she spoke of the things she prepared with the help of her Mom and sisters before Tim and Linda were born. She reminded them that the Navy blue baby bed had to have several prime coats of paint before it took the pink color when the room was changed from Tim's nursery to Linda's nursery.

    "….and to think, here you are, helping me plan for your baby brother's room."

    "What do you think of me, I am building my baby brother's room, with a little help from Dad," Tim bragged with a cute grin on his face.

    "I'm glad that you two are taking the news well," Dad said.

    "And that they are willing to become involved so readily," Mom said.

    "This is unexpected, but it might be about the best thing that has ever happened." Tim admitted.

    He had always wanted a brother but had forgotten the idea because he had thought his parents were too old, but this is when it is happening so it must be the perfect time for a baby to arrive as far as he was concerned.

    "I'm more than willing to help, I want to help plan everything and work at making everything just right for him. We want him to feel welcomed into the family."

    That evening when they had family bible study and prayer they read several scriptures but the one Tim liked the most was:

    Psalms 127:3-5
    3  Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.
    4  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth.
    5  Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.


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